A first for the industry.


Sustainable solutions.


30 years in the making.

An average ELT contains 16 lbs of thermoset rubber which, until now, was impossible to convert back to a re-crosslinkable thermoplastic rubber. Our PRISM™ PTR™ process does just that. This will significantly reduce the environmental impact of ELT tires worldwide.

PTR™ when interfused into asphalt creates PEAR(PRISM™ Enhanced Asphalt Rubber).


PRISM™ enhanced asphalt rubber (PEAR™) binder is a significantly better binder for hot mix asphalt roads.  PEAR™ roads will last longer, be quieter and more fuel efficient. Although ELT crumb rubber has been used in many road applications, PEAR™ is the first to fully crosslink rubber with asphalt allowing the full use of all the properties in the ELT including the carbon black.


PTR™ will enhance the asphalt used for all roofing products.  Whether it is shingles or built up roofing products, PEAR™ enhancement will improve a number of key properties including superior aging, greater hail damage resistance, improved wind storm resistance, and better granular retention.


 New Tires

PTR™ will become a significant substitute for virgin rubber and other feedstock materials in the production of new tires. With the increasing demand on natural rubber sources, the growth of the tire industry, and a need to reduce carbon emissions – being able to utilize recycled tire rubber in the production of new tires with PTR™ will create a significant technology shift and a more sustainable industry.

Industrial Applications

The versatility of thermoset rubber to be re-crosslinked/vulcanized will be a significant advancement for the engineered rubber products industry and can replace natural and synthetic rubber. Applications for PRISM’s PTR™ include products such as shoe soles, hoses, belts, rubber mats, sound proofing, tapes, electrical insulation, adhesives and sealants.